Renting surveys

The renting current situation drawn up by our real estate experts is the best guarantee of respect for the rights of the lessor and the tenant.

Our real estate experts have an objective and impartial observation on the state of an apartment or a real estate property. A precise real estate current situation allows to avoid a lot of conflicts subsequently.


Current situation of an apartment / real estate property: 3 categories not to confuse.


Our approved real estate experts ensure you a complete property valuation, detailed property diagnostic and a perfect analysis of the current situation, and this, particularly in those following areas:


  • Apartment – 1 bedroom: basis of 150 € VAT incl. for each part
  • House (row or three facades) – 1 bedroom: basis of 200 € VAT incl. for each part
  • Villa (four facades) – 1 bedroom: basis of 225 € VAT incl. for each part
  • Per additional bedroom or office: 25 € VAT incl. for each part

Example: the current situation of a 2 bedrooms apartment would cost 150 € VAT incl. for each partFurnished: +25% VAT incl.